July 09, 2014

Jawbone UP24 - Full test and introduction

Jawbone UP has been launched around the world on the second quarter of 2013. That was the first bracelet with an activity tracker. It has good ideas but some missing about connectivity.
The brand come back this year with the Jawbone UP24 version. The design is still the same. No fixation around this product and it's just perfect for your wrist. The bracelet keep his position very easily.
This accessories get different sizes S, M or L and you have to choose within different colors: Onyx, Pink, Lemon or Persimmon.

Jawbone UP24 - Full Test


The bracelet must be reload more or less every 7 days with the jack 3.5mm plug that you discover behind the dust cover. Deliver with an adaptator cable it's easy to connect to a USB plug. When you charge it a sun led is brighting and when it's completely charge the led is fixe.
Must know that there is no screen on the bracelet, only an amazing app connected by bluetooth.
A bluetooth 4.0 is recommanded and an iOS or Android 4.3 or more device.

On the bracelet there is a little button to send informations and to know on which mode we are using it. For exemple day or night mode!


Use it UP

One Short Press: It show the current mode (day or night)
One Long Press: Switch from day to night mode
A short then long Press: Launch the chronometer
Two shorts then a long Press: Launch the nap mode

All that can be done directly from the app on the smartphone.

The App

Thanks to this system (Jawbone UP24 + App + You) you get a good resume of your activity. This app let also you to insert what you eat and drink with the complete follow of energy expenditure but also sleep curves.
Advanced functions let you set a wake up on the better moment of you sleep. You can create your own challenge with the goal function about sleep and moves. Associated to other apps it becomes the perfect system to follow a diet or your daily/weekly activity.

If you want to use it completely you can add drink and eat. But the most exciting thing is the social environment to compare yourself to everyone else. You can create a team and exchange with them, messages and activity. Comment other activities to grow up and reveal more challenge!

This eco-system is still in developing mode but it is already an amazing thing to help you to take care of you and your body. To sleep well and in few days I have already discover the change!



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