July 09, 2014

Inateck UC4001 - USB Wall Charger - 4 port

Inateck is a German brand manufacturing accessories as USB Wall charger, bluetooth speakers and others.
Today I will show you one of their product, the USW wall charger UC4001 which allow to load at the same tipe up to 4 USB devices.

Inateck UC4001 - Test


The Inateck charger UC4001 must be connected to a wall plug and allows to charge different devices as smartphones, tablets, or other as a GoPro thanks to the USB ports.
This model get 4 USB ports. 2 of them are 5V/2.4A called Super Charger/S and they can charge you device so much faster if it allows that. 2 others are universals USB adaptators 5V/1.5A.

A blue LED indicate if it's connected.

Thanks to the Inateck UC4001 you can use the same plug to charge 4 devices no need to fight with your friends if both of you want to get the plug!


Thanks to a microcontroler it drives the intensity and optimize the charging time according to the battery capacity. This smart methode take care about your device with security and quickness. It also detects the end of the charge to protect the device from overload.

This charger also exists in version with 1 USB Port (UC1001) or 2 USB ports (UC2001).

Go to their website to discover all their products. INATECK

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