June 05, 2014

HTC One M8 - Dot View Cover

HTC is a brand which give to user always new stuff and surprise with its products. Today this is the Dot View cover for HTC One M8 that I will show you.

HTC One M8 - Dot View Cover


The Dot View cover is a lateral flap cover with two different parts. One, the back side is a rigid plastic part, thin and the other part is flexible and let you to transfer your finger gesture from the cover to the screen.
On this second part you can discover some dot. For speakers they are complete holes but for the screen they are covered by a transparent film. The design is simple and let the fron camera and front sensors available. I hope that will be used for selfie with this cover :D
The cover also exists on different colors as orange, purple, blue and green

The cover let you discover a new way to use the phone. With it you can obtain informations as weather, time and temperature.

Use of the cover

This is a really new way to use a phone! When the cover is closed, the DotView app on the phone is launched and you can get some data like weather, temperature and clock but also answer or end a call without open your phone, see diary notifications, lost calls, received messages...
A very easy way to change the mean you use your phone. Some people which get a rooted phone will be available to use new features as games like Tetris or notifications for twitter or facebook in a few time.

What do you think about it?

Abonnes toi!


What do you think? :