May 15, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 - Tradition D - Noreve Leather Cover

Noreve is a luxury leather's accessories manufacturer for smartphone and tablets. Their accessories ranges are varied and customisable. Today I am proud to introduce to you the Samsung Galaxy S5 leather case on Tradition D version with Exeption finition and Sand Vintage color.

Samsung Galaxy S5 - Noreve Leather cover - Tradition D


Noreve Is a luxury brand absolutely not neglecting the finish of the work. Shells get an absolute beauty and details simply handled in the small care!
The structure of the case is thermoplastic covered with leather so inside as outside. I ordered this version in the sand vintage color in finish Exception. The finish exception offers an external cover worked which really returns the touched of a leather skin as we see it on pictures.
The design is worked and the shell doesn't have material which can hurt the phone. This one is set in the cover and can't go out of it. All the corners are perfectly protected.
The inside of the hull is engraved by the initials Noreve that we discover when we open the cover by its flap. On the top of the flap there is a small addition which allows to close totally the protection. Both faces of the case are stucked between them and the superior and lower partsare set by a piece of sewn leather. The opennings let free speakers on front and back faces of the phone, the sensors of luminosity, power button,  infrared, volume buttons, USB port and jack and also the notifications LED.
The result is admirable and the rendering in the touch is fascinating.

We discover a leather trim of sand vintage color which gives us a return in Texas into horses and bisons. In the front face inside there is even a cut at the level of the slim button allowing that this one does not switch on the phone in a unexpected way.

This accessory offers a protection of the device which is not neglected, the shell is stiff and protects all the angles of the smartphone.

The return piece allows to close the case in a secure way so that it doesn't open by itself. No magnet is used because it would perturb the device. The result is simply bluffing, the phone is safe and the design makes really good.

The opening on the front face offers an access to the screen. Here it is used with the application of the RockView cover allowing to use fast features of the phone as the tone and the reception of calls. If we don't use this application we can see the weather widget and use the top of the screen.

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