April 14, 2014

Top 10 Tips & Tricks - HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 and also the news version of Sense, Sense 6 offer lot of new possibility and as every phone and system some stuff are hidden or not known from everyone! That's why I offer you today my Top 10 of tips & tricks for the HTC One M8! In fact this is a Top 11!

1 - Double Tap to Unlock

If you are tired on unlocking your phone with power button, you have to know that HTC use now the double tap to wake up your phone! A double fast pressure on screen turn on the screen!

2 - Back to top thanks to status notification bar

When you are using BlinkFeed, Gallery, Music or other apps with a long long screen and you are on the bottom and need to go back to the top you don't need to use the slide. Just made a tap on status notification bar (on the top with the clock) and you go back to the top of the screen!

3 - Fast access to settings

The status notification bar on the Sense 6 permit to go to settings and quick settings but you have to open the notification screen and then press the icon on the top right corner. Have you already tried to use 2 fingers on the status notification bar?
Try it and you will see the quick settings imediatly! What a good tips no? Thumbs up :p

4 - Take a ScreenShot

Android use still the same technology to take a screenshot! Just press power button and at the same time, the home button on the bottom part of the screen!

5 - Use Motion Gesture

To wake up the phone we have seen that you can use the double tap. The new technology permit also to use a swype geture to turn the screen on. All different swypes exist! Swype up to call somebody, swype left to go to BlinkFeed, Swype right to go to home for example!

6 - Remove BlinkFeed

Blinkfeed is now allowed to be remove! To do that you have to go to widget & apps: long press on home screen. Then slide the blinkfeed on remove option.

7 - Add Widgets on LockScreen

Android KitKat has improved the way to use your phone. Thanks to it you can use widgets on Lockscreen and I was used to use it with my previous phone. I have found how to use it now with Sense 6 on our HTC One M8!
In fact this is only a little option to check on settings. So go to settings and on that go to Security / Enable widgets on lockscreen.
Now you can use widgets on your lockscreen. Just go to lockscreen and slide the screen to left to add some widgets as you see on the video.

8 - Some Unlock Tips

To unlock th phone from the lockscreen you have used the locker and swype up. But did you know that you can swype and unlock from everywhere on the vertial center of the screen? And did you know also that you can swype the locker to left to go to the home screen and right to the blinkfeed?
Thumps up & share :)

9 - Fast access to camera

HTC is always innovant for the camera. The camera take a huge place on our lifes today. We need to take pictures faster & faster. Today HTC launch the fast camera launcher. Phone is off you have to use the landscape mode and press volume button. The phone start immediatly the camera and an other press on the volume button take a picture!

10 - Fast access to Selfie camera mode

From the camera you can use different modes. The Selfie mode get a smart access. Just swype from the left or the right part of the phone to the center to switch from the front to the back camera!

11 - Show Clock on BlinkFeed

What? You don't have the clock on blinkfeed an you don't know why!? You have seen lot of screenshot with it but on your Sense 6 it doesn't?
Easy dude you have to select Blinkfeed as home!

If you have any other tips or tricks or any question, let me know :)

Thank you


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