April 16, 2014

Screen versus! HTC One M8 & Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung & HTC had just launched their new best smartphones. Two overboosted smartphones and on which the main function is no more only call someone but lot of other things. The only thing which stay the same is that the screen is the most used part of the phone. So I must made a comparative test between the Super LCD 3 on the HTC One M8 and the Super AMOLED on the Samsung Galaxy S5


The samsung Galaxy S5 has a 5.1" screen where the HTC One M8 get a 5". The Galaxy's screen is larger and this is not the only good point.
HTC always get buttons over the screen and now they change it and I dislike it because we don't have a real 5" screen but a 4.7" screen and so the Galaxy's screen is very larger than the HTC One M8. The other point is the size of the device because at the end the Galaxy S5 is smaller with a larger screen! WTF HTC?
For information: HTC One M8 get a Super LCD 3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 a Super AMOLED.

Colors rendering

Without any available discussion the HTC get better colors, more natural, The Galaxy S5 get flashy colors which seems virtuals.

One M8 Galaxy S5
Colors Natural Virtual

Black & White

Usually we know than blacks are blakcer on AMOLED screen. But I haven seen it this time. I have seen blacker blacks on Super LCD 3 and also whites are better on the HTC. On the Galaxy S5, whites seems yellow.

One M8 Galaxy S5
Blacks Blacker Less Black
Whites White White/Yellow


The brightness panel on the Halaxy S5 is larger than the one on the HTC. with the Galaxy S5 you are able to go from very low to very high luminosity. At max luminosity the two smartphones seems more or less the same (picture 2) but on low light the Galaxy S5 helps you to keep you eyes :)

Visibility at sun

I let you see how you can see it but both phones are great at sun!

Abonnes toi!


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