April 14, 2014

S-View Cover - Official Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung proposes with its Galaxy S5 a new version of the S-View case! This one exists in various colors which will satisfy everyone wishes. The choice of the Korean was to realize a plastic body for the phone with the aim of being able to access not only the battery (that it is cool) but also to clip on its place a quality cover! The S-View shell for Galaxy S5 that I am going to present you in this test!

Look - Design

The S-View cover is a case with a flap and a stiff strengthened structure. It is available in several colors going from the white to the black including the Blue Topaz, Golden Rose and Glam Rose for example. The touched is very pleasant, we feel that the quality was thought. The complete border of the cover is pointed by a fine and discreet sewing. On the front face we find an opening of 55x55mm with a plastic window allowing to protect completely the screen of cratches. At the top of the case we discover an opening to let all the tone with the loudspeaker. Below we see the words: Galaxy S5 which is engraved. The left side is engraved by a + and a - and let access to volume buttons even when the shell is closed. On the back openings permit to use the 16MPx camera, the pulse sensor and the back speaker.
When we open the cover we can see some electronic components.
Unfortunately fingers marks appear quite fast on the window.
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The S-View cover for the Galaxy S5 let some interessant features. The must is to be crimped directly on the phone and limit the thickness with an other case. This is a big positive point because with a so huge phone any mm is important.
When the cover is closed we get some shortcuts on the scree. We can see the podometer, the weather, missed calls... There is also a functionality to use the camera but the picture is a square, I don't really know why. The theme can be changed on this little screen in order to personalize it with a wallpaper for example.
If we open the case the phone turn on automatically on the lockscreen.

This cover also give the possibility to load the phone without any cable. For that we need a charging accessory.
It missed a feature to turn on the screen without the power button, for example tapping the screen or maybe I missed it. Moreover with this case the notification LED is cover and we can't see easily if we have a new notification or not. An other point is about the waterproofing of the phone. We the cover I have no idea about it. If someone know that thank you to let me know.


I am lucky because I have tested 2 different colors of the phone and the finish is perfect

The opening permit a custom screen with notifications

The camera is usable, we can regret the size of pictures

All sides are well finished

The black color is also perfect for a white phone!


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