April 28, 2014

HTC Sense TV - Introduction & Complete Guide

HTC Sense TV is an HTC application which permit to use its phone as a remote for our TV but this is also a complete channel Guide.

HTC One M8 - HTC Sense TV



The HTC Sense TV application started on the 1st HTC One on March 2013. The device need an infra-red port which is located on the power button.
This infra-red button is set with the HTC Sense TV application to transform your phone as remote for other devices but also transforming it as a channel guide to let you know what is on TV.
This application can also replace a Reflex remote as you will see on the ultimate part of this page!

Configuration - Application

When you use it for the first time it's needed to enter your country and you postal code. It's in order to give you right content about TV guide.
On a second time you have to give your provider to know which channel you can access.
Once this is done you can select your favourite channels and programs.
You have now finish the configuration about the TV Guide and you can set up your remote.

How to use the app

The recommanded screen is divided on two sections. First one is the top bar on which you get a menu access (top left) a remote icon, and a search button.
On second section you can see the shows, movies & sports on TV.

Available content
Second part of the Menu

The app permit to create different "Rooms". A room is defined as a set of multimedia devices as a TV, a Home Cinema...

HTC Remote Set Up

Now you are able to set up the remote for your TV and other devices. You have to press the remote icon on the screen and follow indication as you can see on next screenshots.
You can select remotes you want for a defined room. Each device get a set of instructions to be well set.

Introduction to set up
Select devices you want to configure
Select the brand of you TV
With the screen of, Press Next
Press on: Turn on TV
The TV takes few seconds to turn on then press the button Yes if it works. If not, press no and try an other code
The remote get different sections.
First to select the Input and Turn on/off devices
An other part give volume and channel settings. Also the menu access.
Right part is for more defined buttons!
When you press on dots (top right) you get a menu. You can configure each button differently.
Select the button you want to change the code for. Example, Ch+ is not well set.
Press the button on the remote front to the power button on the device. It gets the new code.

To configure new rooms you have to go on:
HTC Sense TVPress on the Remote icon
Press the menu (3 dots on top right)
Select Settings
Select Rooms

Press the + on top right
Enter the new room name
Press on Next
Follow steps to configure the new remote

Channel Guide

The TV Channel Guide let you know instant content on your screen. On principal page "Recommanded" you see the content curently on TV and which could be interesting for you. You can slide on screen to get more.

Each content get an image, the channel number, a remote icon and a red bar.
I will explain what everything correspond to

If you press the remote icon, the device send an infra-red code to the TV in order to go to the channel.
The image send you on a more described page about the content. On this page you can set a channel as favourite and get more information about program on the channel.
Also you can access to a twitter discussion about the TV show on Twitter.

The red bar give you an information about the time. If there is few red, the program just start. But if the bar is totaly red, the program is ending.

If you go back on Home screen:

Press the top left menu button and you get a menu.
You can select on it different rooms.
Behind it you get categories which are:
- Shows on TV
- Movies
- Sports

We can expect a way to create personal categories as on blinkfeed.

Live scores

There you can get information about event sports on live!

Channel Guide

The channel guide show all channels that you can selected as: All or only favourites.

All channel
Switch to favourite
Categories access


Auto Wake up

To wake up the phone when you take it on your hand as a remote you need to go on settings and check Auto Wake

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