April 03, 2014

HTC One M8 - I am waiting for it! And you?

Hi everyone!

I am waiting the HTC One M8 with its version without the operator f***ing UI ;)
So when I will get it I want to test for you lot of accessories. Which one would you like?

The HTC One M8 is already sold on some countries but still not in France, I hope soon :)
Currently I am looking for accessories. I have already seen some as the Dot View Cover! Sure I will test it! But which other accessories would you like I test for you.

For example, the HTC One M8 - Double Dip Hard Shell could be nice?

Let me know what you expect.

I would like also to know if you will get this amazing phone or not?
Have you already order it? Receive it?

Thank you!


What do you think? :