April 30, 2014

Galaxy S5 - Rock View Elegant Series Cover

You had maybe read the test about the official S-View cover for Samsung Galaxy S5 last day. On the same design I want to show you the Rock View Elegant Series for Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 - Rock View Elegant Series Cover


RockView cover is a hard shell with a window on front side. The back is in a translucide grey-black color. The flip part is available in different colors as: pink, gold, blue, yellow or black.
Back side doesn't remplace the back of the phone as on S-View cover and add a half milimeter width to the phone. The aperture for the camera and the biometric sensor is correct as the one for the speaker. On the top and on the bottom everything is still accessible (jack, infra-red, usb...)
On front face the touch seems to be a strengthened soft foam. It offers a window with the same dimension as the S-View. Same defaults as no way to see the notification LED or front sensors for proximity or the front camera.


When I get the Rock View cover, I put it immediatly on my phone. And I was surprised when the cover wasn't working. WTF? The cover just get a window and that's all? No way!!! I have tested everything but nothing worked.
So I found on the box a little paper and I read that we need to go to the: ipear.hk website to download an app in order to use the cover. You have to activate unknown sources.
When it's done you can use your cover on your phone with the window :)
The image on the screen is bigger than the window, if you open the flip quickly you can see the image size.
The app allow to use the window to see the time, play music, change sound mode on your phone, use flashlight, answer a call.

If you want to hide the notification icon you have to go on: Settings / Apps / Smart Cover / uncheck the: Show notification case

What do you think about it?

Abonnes toi à ma chaîne Fr!


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