April 15, 2014

Double Dip Hard Shell Cover - Official HTC One M8

HTC offer with its accessories a case that we already know from the HTC One M7, this is the Double Dip cover. I had the luck to test it and I can say than this cover had been improved from the previous one. So let's go to discover the Double Dip Hard Shell cover for our HTC One M8!

The Double Dip cover keeps the advantage from the previous one, that is to be easy to clip and hard for the resistance. The case is still orignal with it's ingenious and effective binding system. The cover still has 3 parts creating together a perfect case hard and immovable.
Today the coque evolved and offer two more end-piece in order to change the color as you want. The central part can't be changed and the color is a hard grey. The bottom part can be used with a red or grey color. The top of the case can be grey or blue.
The new version doesn't cover speakers which is a good news and let all the power to them. It just cover the border of the phone and doesn't block any use.
On the side there is an opening to use volume buttons. On the top we can use the power button and the infra-red remote. On the bottom there is the opening for micro-USB and for the jack. The only thing you can't accede to are the SIM card and the Micro SD card.

Order the Double Dip Hard Shell cover for HTC One M8

The design has been worked to let the full power to speakers

The Double Dip cover for HTC One M8 get exchangeable piece with different colors

The style is beautiful but we regret the protection of volum buttons as on the HTC One M7

The protection doesn't block the use of the phone!


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