March 22, 2014

Flow is coming back with the all new one - Soon :)

Hi everyone :D

I am sorry for not having been there last few months! I had exams and my HTC One has been destroyed :/

So I decided to finish my exam quietly and I did it with amazing marks!

Now I am coming back and not with only one phone but 3 amazing phones!

- HTC M8 - the all new one
- Sony Xperia Z2
- Samsung Galaxy S5
Stay there and continue to share because I will change lot of things.

- No more custom roms (sorry for that)
- More explanation about phones & comparisons
- More phones
- More tests
- More fun :)

Also I have create a speacial blog for French speakers. I am creating that right now but this is this website: ! I have still to work on this ;)

I will start new articles when I will receive new phones! Maybe the 25th March or maybe the 11th april :)

By the way I would like you give me all tests you want I made!

Comment please!


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