March 26, 2014

HTC One M8 2014 - VS - OnePlus One - HTC is still better!

Maybe you didn't know this company: ONEPLUS. I didn't know it yesterday but today I heard something about that. They are creating cheap smartphone with high components!

 They will made an official announcement of their phone on 23rd April and they said that just after the official launch of the HTC One M8 2014.

I will explain you why the HTC One is still better!

So the HTC One has been announcde with all specs. And OnePlus with this picture want to explain that the phone they will release should be better! But this add is completely wrong. Those are points why:

Sure the processor is cool and the same, but are you sure than the OnePlus connected it to other components as accuratly than HTC can do it?


OnePlus say that they get a 5.5" screen. Okay this is bigger than the HTC One 2014! But is the size the most important!? NO

The most important thing on a screen is: quality & density of pixel. The OnePlus One get a 403 ppi and the M8 get 440ppi. So which one get the best screen?


The OnePlus will get a 13MPx camera. The HTC One M8 a 4UPx and they write a 4MPx and this is completely different because HTC promise a Duo Camera with amazing performances as you have seen on my previous post: HTC M8 Official Release.
Moreover, the Aperture from the OnePlus is 2.0 which get less light than th 1.8 from the HTC One M8 without talking about the Ultra Pixel.
So is the OnePlus' camera better? NO


The OnePlus One get a 3100+ mAh okay and the HTC One M8 2600mAh. But the OnePlus get a bigger screen needing more power than the HTC One M8. And the HTC One M8 get an app which is Extrem Power saver mode permitting to the phone to get 40% lifetime more!
Is the battery better on the OnePlus? NO


I am proud to get an HTC and to show that this is an HTC, the Extra Logo is a symbol of power. So why didn't OnePlus use an extra logo? Because their phone are not enough goood!

Are you agree with that? Why?


What do you think? :