March 25, 2014

HTC M8 - Official Release & Dates

After one year of waiting, it is now officially shown inspite of all different rumors it still get surprises!

The new HTC One should be available before the 10th april.

The conference is now ended and that's what I understood:

I missed as everyone the begining because of a server issue ^^ I started when they were talking about new colors. I don't know if this is about phones or themes ;) but phones get three beautiful colors!


Blinkfeed is now more useful & intuitive it allow to create topics about everything. Good improvement. It will be open to devs in order to offer better stuff.
Also the team get close to foursquare & fitbit to show better things on the blinkfeed.


HTC Sense TV is still there and HTC focus on programs and not the way to use the remote. You can now share with FB & Twitter easily what you are whatching. You get also more info about every program on TV.


We know that HTC is no more a BeatsAudio partner. But they still get an amazing sound as they explain. The BoomSound is still there and we get a depth sound an still more powerful. With HTC Connect you can now share the sound easily on TV or other devices connected.


LifetTime is improve and HTC promise better performances as 40% longer for example. Depending on configurations. Power Saver is still used.

Sense 6.0

We discover now that HTC use Sense 6 as a 6 Senses used by a phone. They want to show that the phone is now very improved and get its own senses to detect a lot of things.
Access is so improved for example. No need to use Power button or Unlock the phone to get the time. The phone detect that you want it and show it to you. It can do that thanks to speed motion & proximity sensors. It anticipate even when screen is off.
With the volum down button you can now launch the camera easily and take picture faster than ever.
Also answering is easier.

Official Case

With this new phone, HTC launch a new case on which you get datas. Not as the S4/5 or the LG G2 with a hole on the case. No, there you get leds on the case which show you everything you need. With double tap you can show the time or answer a call for example.


The camera still use UP (Ultra Pixels) and still get the low light. But with the second sensor you can now use it to separate the background and the foreground in order to take better pictures and personalize it as you want to be more creative. The focus is faster and you can edit pictures still after the shoot.
Slow motion is also improved.
Also you can during a video pause, reframe & continue to shoot.
Gallery get a lifetime to be more accurate & you get a face recognition to detect a person on all pictures. You can also create albums by person detected on pictures.

Zoe also get a cloud and you can share it with everyone, friends can add pictures on it for example.

Sense 6 get a new architecture. Everything is available on the GPE.

Pictures are not good but GREAT!

The ending

Jason Mackenzie take the mic & destroy samsung, saying that they made a new time the best smartphone ever, they are talking about perfection and not only getting plastic and using big ads in order to sell.

We should get the new phone before the 10th April. I hope get mine asap!

For HTC One, One Max & One Mini owners, the Sense 6 should be available on coming months.

And you? Are you convinced by the new HTC One?


What do you think? :