February 14, 2014

HTC M8 - Different pictures, but which one is the good one?

Hi everyone!

I am proud to let you discover the new HTC One design!

With a 5.2 screen and no more physical buttons but virtuals!

It also get a double sensor camera with a double flash led!
Speakers are smaller and we don't have any more beatsaudio as we expected!
Also we will discover Sense 6.0 I think soon!

The design is quiet similar to the HTC One design!

On pictures you can see the difference on buttons position for example or on the external black line!
I hope the correct one is on our right :)

We have to wait the final release to get more information!
What do you expect? Screen? resolution? Capacity..?

Let me know!

from: htcfamily.ru

What do you think? :