December 20, 2013

HTC Flow - Smart TV Concept

HTC Flow is a smart TV concept. Today everyone use a smartphone which was initialy a phone, whith this phone function. This function still exists today on our smartphones but isn't anymore, in most of cases, the main function of our smartphones. So why don't re-conceptualize the TV? That's what I wanted to made with this HTV Flow TV. Flow means the flow of informations arriving on our smartphones. Starting from this point, it's essential that our TV is connected to our smartphone, no matter its brand.

December 16, 2013

SONIVO - Universal Induction Speaker - Easy to use

New test before Xmas which is a speaker, and not a bad speaker at all :D
Innovant this one is not a Bluetooth, not a NFC, and not at all a jack or WiFi, this is an INDUCTION speaker!
Which mean that you can use it with all devices! Up to +15dB on your sound!

Official Translucent Hard Shell Case HC-C843 for HTC One

Did you see something?

I don't, and in fact there is a case on this HTC One! The Translucent Hard Shell Case for HTC!
I was so excited when I received it and tested it! The phone is perfectly suited up :D

Let's discover it

December 13, 2013

Top 5 - Must Have Android App for Xmas

Hi everyone!

Today I want to show you my top 5 apps for Christmas which is coming fast!

1 Gift List, 1 Gift generator, 1 game, 1 wallpaper, 1 book of recipe

Let's gooo

December 10, 2013

Google Edition - Android 4.4 is now released for HTC One, Galaxy S4, Nexus 5/7...

As you already know, or not, Google launched the new version of its OS: Android 4.4, called KitKat version. Some brands had already released version of this OS for their smartphones and that is why we discover now our Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One receiving updates!
Samsung & HTC released it through a Google Edition version, without operator UI.

December 05, 2013

RIP - Nelson Mandela

I would like to create this post in respect and tribute for Nelson Mandela who leave us few minutes ago!

Google Voice Search - All working sentences and more! Better than Siri?

Google had uploaded is Google Voice Search app with the new version of Android 4.4. The app is available on play Store for all devices. But what is really Google Voice Search? Is that so cool?
I have tested it for you and I can already answer: YES!