January 31, 2013

HTC One X - Noreve Tradition review - test


This French company made noise around it. With these so splendid leather cases. You can find for all phones the cover you need in different selections, with different coating, different textures and colors so varied.

Today I review for you the Tradition leather case Ambition selection. Compared it to the Tradition D

I have tested it for you, and I have record a review to show you the leather case on my hands.

First impression:

This leather case on ambition selection is just so cool :p the touch is perfect and the color is melting!
There is lot of colors available:
 Anthracite, Tomate, Lie de vin (mine), Ivory & more!

HTC One X - Noreve Tradition - Test (Fr)


Ce manufactureur français fait parler de lui. Avec ces housses en cuir si splendide. On retrouve pour tous nos téléphones des housses sous différentes sélections, avec différents revêtement (tous en cuir), mais différentes textures et de couleurs très variées.

J'ai donc reçu une housse Tradition couleur Lie de Vin de la gamme Ambiance ;) une pure merveille.

Les couleurs disponibles par exemple: noir, anthracite, ivoire, tomate, lie de vin, et encore d'autres!

Premère impression:

Lorsque vous prenez la housse vos doigts frémissent et vous vous régalez a découvrir cette housse.

AR Drone 2.0 - Unboxing - Full review + links

Lire en Français
Hi everyone :D

As you maybe know I have soon received my new toy ;p

YEAAAAAAAAh!!! Ordered on RueDuCommerce, a French web shop, this amazing AR Drone 2.0 from Parrot! A jewel!

You can with this article discover the reception and the complete box review because there is lot of things to say. There is also a Like/Dislike part.

Then to give you a view about that, a video with my first flights, indoor & outdoor, no sound, no comment, only the drone ;) New articles are coming, or already released on my test channel, 1app4me. You could find application review (AR FreeFlight 2.0). There is also a complete article about the piloting explanation. Soon my other flights reviews are coming, with front camera recording or with my hand-camera. A surprise could also come soon with some modification on the body ;)

Waiting for that, don't hesitate to comment! Let's GO!

I – Reception
II – The box
III – Unboxing
IV – AR Drone 2.0
V – Available applications
VI – I have Liked/Disliked
VII – Links & more

January 24, 2013

My last videos on YouTube :) (Custom Roms)

Hi everyone :)

I know I have released less articles about custom rom :/
That's why I share here with you my last HOX & DHD reviews ;)

I am sorry I am doing lot of things curently and I am finishing my internship to go back to school with lot of projects :p

I will start a new lesson, management of innovating projects  ;)
I will have less time to record videos and I am just doing know the things to do the best!


So less review, but better, and only if you ask! And more accessories review also to help you to know which accessories you need :) or not :p

Let's go to watch my last videos, but also with a few comment from myself :)

January 10, 2013

Capdase Capparel Case - HTC Sensation / Sensation XE - Black / Red

Hi everyone,

After some of asks from ou I have tested an HTC Sensation/XE accessory. This is this case black & red!

Coque HTC Sensation / Sensation XE - Capdase Capparel - Noire / rouge

Bonjour à tous,

suite à certaines demandes concernant le HTC Sensation et XE, je me suis proposé pour tester une coque pour vous.

Voici donc mon premier test pour un accessoire du HTC Sensation / XE.

January 09, 2013

Mono Bluetooth Headset for Smartphones - Samsung HTC Apple Nokia...

Hi everyone,

Yes, for Xmas I have tested different accessories. And this amazing Bluetooth Headset :)

This model is HM1700 Mono Headset from Samsung!

Let's go to test :p

- Bluetooth Headset HM1700 for Smartphones
- Discover Bluetooth accessories for Smartphones

Oreillette Bluetooth pour smartphone - Samsung HTC Apple Nokia...

Bonjour à tous,

Et oui encore un test pendant Noël, celui de cette oreillette BlueTooth Samsung!

Le modèle est le HM1700 Mono Headset ce qui correspond à... Ecouteur à côté unique si si si je vous jure ;)

Bref laissons place au test :p

- Oreillette Bluetooth HM1700 pour Smartphones
- Découvrir les accessoires Bluetooth pour Smartphones

January 08, 2013

Universal Car Mount - iPhone Samsung HTC Nokia - MobileFun

Hi everyone,

I have been away for 2-3 weeks because I needed to be quiet :) And I am now back :p after all my parties :p
I have tested different accessories thanks to MobileFun! One of them was this amazing SuperGrip car mount!

It's just amazing! Some of you maybe say it's to big, but this is the only one that I have tested been able to fix on the windshield and the dashboard on all different positions with the phone accessible and readable!

Wooow! It Rocks!

the SuperGrip universal car mount

Discover the car holder for your smartphones

- All the HTC One X accessories

This is my review:

Support voiture universel SuperGrip - iPhone Apple HTC Samsung Nokia - MobileFun

Bonjour à tous,

Pendant les vacances j'ai eu la chance de pouvoir tester plusieurs accessoires commandé par moi ou des amis sur le site MobileFun dont ce super support voiture dont je reste énormément surpris!

Il est vraiment splendide, certains diront peut être un peu volumineux, mais c'est le seul que j'ai testé qui est universel ayant la possibilité de se fixer sur le parbrise, le tableau de bord, dans toutes les positions tout en laissant le téléphone accessible et lisible!

Alors je dis juste chapeau!

- Support voiture SuperGrip

- Découvrez les supports voiture de MobileFun pour smartphones

- Tous les accessoires du HTC One X