December 16, 2013

SONIVO - Universal Induction Speaker - Easy to use

New test before Xmas which is a speaker, and not a bad speaker at all :D
Innovant this one is not a Bluetooth, not a NFC, and not at all a jack or WiFi, this is an INDUCTION speaker!
Which mean that you can use it with all devices! Up to +15dB on your sound!

You can discover the SONIVO Induction Speaker on MobileFun Website

On the box the speaker is really cool. The design is simple but well done! With that you get 2 cables. One to load the speaker which is a mini USB, not micro. The other one is a double jack in case of needing it. If you want to link the device to the speaker.

Dimensions of the Speaker are quite same as the HTC One: 130 * 69 * 45 mm
On front you get 2 speakers, on the top the connection by induction, which mean NO need of bluetooth, NFC or other things. Only touch the device to the speaker!
On the back of the speaker you get the on/off button, with the jack 3.5 plug-in and the mini-usb to load the speaker.

The blue led indicates that the speaker is on!

More pictures about the box if needed!

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