December 20, 2013

HTC Flow - Smart TV Concept

HTC Flow is a smart TV concept. Today everyone use a smartphone which was initialy a phone, whith this phone function. This function still exists today on our smartphones but isn't anymore, in most of cases, the main function of our smartphones. So why don't re-conceptualize the TV? That's what I wanted to made with this HTV Flow TV. Flow means the flow of informations arriving on our smartphones. Starting from this point, it's essential that our TV is connected to our smartphone, no matter its brand.

Considering my very busy schedule I had no possibility of realizing this concept as I hoped. I present it to you through this article and a video to give you a rather good idea of my concept.

This idea is going to be described through the utilisation of this smart TV. I can't say everything because it needs a part of suspense, but you will found the general ideas.

HTC is no more a Beats Audio partner, that partern permitted to HTC to made amazing audio on its devices. So it is necessary to HTC to find a new partner which could impose its name. Bang & Olufsen is for me the ideal partner. Indeed this brand work in the finest detail, just like HTC to produce high quality products. We find it on computers, TVs, and surrounding speakers on our houses. So... Why not with an HTC smart TV?

1- HTC Flow booting

The smart HTC Flow TV can be switched on by a remote control, a phone with the infrared or simply by a device already recognized by the TV.

When the TV boot on and when no device are connected, it presents a general contents of all the connected device, the family timetable, the music saved on the internal hard drive, news...

On this image we can see a HTC One with a Widget allowing to connect it to the smart TV. On the smart TV screen at this moment, no smartphones are connected. We notice that there are 4 devices already known by the HTC Flow. Those have face turned off to show that they are not connected. General information is presented such as news, weather report and recorded music on the HTC Flow HD.

2- Connect a smartphone

With a simple pressure on your HTC Flow widget you connect your smartphone to the smart TV. This one detects the smartphone used and its internal information. It has access to all the contents according to your choices and the profile that you want to use.

Once the connection is launched on the HTC Flow TV, this one detect the smartphone, the icon of this one get a front face. Information such as the battery life appear. When you select your profile, the HTC Flow TV present you a display according and correspondig to you.

Here you have selected the Friends profile. On your HTC One you have a simple overview of your contents presented on the smart TV. Sliding on different sections of the screen you can scroll different widgets as you can see on the video.

3- Select a Profile

When you connect it, your smartphone ask you on which profile you wish to be connected. But, you will expect I explain to you what is concretely a profile!

3a- What is a profile?

A profile is the selection, according to your choices, of the exchange of the multimedia contents between your smartphone and the smart HTC Flow TV. This will be easier with examples:
  1. Be Quiet

  2. You wish to share a quiet moment in couple in front of the TV and don't want to be distuberd by a colleague, facebook or others, only by your parents and bests friends. Then in this profile you save settings so that only few notifications and from few selected contacts appear.
  3. Working Mode
  4. You watch your TV, or you use it as a second screen to work. At this moment you don't want to receive notifications from your friends, but only from your working colleagues, this is managed on profiles settings.

  5. And others
  6. Let's create your own profile according to your wishes!

3b- Create a profile

When you create a profile, you can choose the name of this one, an icon, applications you want to authorize, active or inactive settings....

3c-Selection of notifications

The notification can be selected one by one according to the applications by a simple check in a check list. Ervery application is managed independently and you can select for each which contact or types of notification you authorize.

4- User Interface modification

The interface can be modified simply by a long press on the screen. You can move a widget which is resized automatically in function of those which surround it. Furthermore you can remove or add a widget for any application or games installed on your smartphone.

On this picture we see the Google Play application which presents he multimedia contents direclty on the TV. The user interface is simple and effective. You can scroll any part independently. By clicking on one of them you reach additional details as demonstrate on video.

5- Usage of apps through HTC Flow

Some apps have been improved with the smart HTC Flow TV which is a multi-user device and a familial one.
This is a non exhaustive list of applications with important improvements thanks to HTC Flow:

  • 5a- Flow Family

Flow Family allows you to be in permanent contact with your family. A private chat is available to exhange message through your different family smartphones. You can thanks to that, send messages, files, images, sounds, videos, contacts, maps locations... The application also integrates a bloc notes allowing for example to be uptade with a reminding list, to purchase some items, to see what you have to do. HTC Flow family also connects all the schedules to know immediately the timetables of your close relations.

  • 5b- Maps

Maps is also improved. You can, according to other users authorisations, find them on maps to know their position. Sometimes very useful to be reassured.

5c- Gallery Photos

This application is maybe the most powerful. With a simple gesture you can broadcast your photos which appear immediately on the hard disk of the HTC Flow by this way, everybody can see it. By local Wi-Fi if you are at home, or by internet all arround the world.

On this picture we still find a simple user interface.
Top left your favourite videos are on the same part of YouTube widget.
Top right this is the Google Search widget with all functionalities as setting up an allarm. Ask it, it activates it!

The used microphone is the one on your device.
Bottom right this is the Skype widget.

Widget are resized depending to your choices!

You maybe not noticed that, but we see the HTC Flow family widget on the center part with the chat and the bloc notes.

6- Keep your notifications at any moments

On previous images you discover notifications which appear while you use your TV for an emission, or any other activity. These notifications are vocally guided thanks to your smartphone. You can answer a SMS, an e-mail, a call, or refuse it. Remind that notifications were selected before on your profile.

7- HTC Flow Specificities

The HTC Flow smart TV will be declined in 3 models as the HTC One to be accessible at the most of users.

HTC Mini Flow HTC Flow HTC Max Flow
300 Go 750 Go 1 To
22" 42" 52"

We can already imagine a 2 or 4K screen integrated on it.
The Smart HTC Flow TV is endowed with the Wi-Fi which allows it to connect to devices.
I also imagined a 8UP camera which could record the most amazing family moments by itself. This camera would be capable to detect if somebody watches the TV and if this person fell in sleep, so turn off the TV and set an alarm before the next event scheduled on his agenda with the music he loves.

Moreover we discover a brightness sensor to manage the screen so that the TV doesn't dazzle when the room is too dark.

8- And more...

From my imagination and even if I haven't imagined it completely at this moment, I saw the smartphone used as a mouse or a Wii remote. All this is possible.
The Microphone of the connected smartphone is also an essential asset to command the HTC Flow smart TV and obtain a unique user experience.
Naturally volume buttons of the smartphone control the sound of the TV.

I take lot of time to imagine this concept. The video take me 50 hours for 2min35 at the end. And you don't imagine the time I spend on thinking to that!

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