December 16, 2013

Official Translucent Hard Shell Case HC-C843 for HTC One

Did you see something?

I don't, and in fact there is a case on this HTC One! The Translucent Hard Shell Case for HTC!
I was so excited when I received it and tested it! The phone is perfectly suited up :D

Let's discover it

Official Translucent Hard Shell Case for HTC One is available on the MobileFun Website

Just to show you the box if you care about it, this is a simple box just cool enough to show the product and not too much to disturb you. But the most amazing thing is inside :D

Into the box you discover the Case which is translucent. With it there is a cleaning rag. Also there is a little card with written HTC which help you to remove bubbles from the screen protection!
What? I haven't said that? Yes there is also a screen protection :D

Here is the case alone without any other components, you can see the HTC inlayed to that. This is not a hole, there is a glass to protect this part also.

Here is the case on the HTC One, ans you must comment this thread to say me if you see or not the shield on the phone!?  The perfect size, as we could expect from htc!

On this picture you can see that the volume buttons are still operationals as all other buttons or plug parts. The case doesn't cover the front face of the phone, it's only the back and sides, also corners! The thickness of this cover is so impressive!

Click on pictures to enlarge it! Because yes, there is a case on this phone!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment it!

Thank you for sharing :D



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