December 05, 2013

Google Voice Search - All working sentences and more! Better than Siri?

Google had uploaded is Google Voice Search app with the new version of Android 4.4. The app is available on play Store for all devices. But what is really Google Voice Search? Is that so cool?
I have tested it for you and I can already answer: YES!

Ask questions, Search pictures, Search Song, Make phone calls, Get directions, Set alarms, set reminders, set meeting, send messages... & more
Everything is there to be better than Siri!

Existe aussi en français

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Which sentences work? I will show you that on different sub-chapters:

Ask Questions

  • What is the superficie of France?
  • What is the status of United flights 9307?
  • What is the capital of Keny
  • What is the president of Albania?
  • How old is Christiano Ronaldo?
  • How tall is the Eiffel Tower
  • How many Canadian $ in a euro?
  • When will the sun rise?
  • When will the sun rise in Chicago?
  • Will it rain?
  • Will it rain this week in Chicago?
  • How many pounds in a kilogram?
  • What is 54 time 92?

Get Directions

  • Go to Roma by Train
  • Biking direction in Golden Gate Park
  • Navigate to the Grand Canyon
  • Walking directions to Rainbow Grocery
  • Show me the route to the Space Needle
  • Show me how to get to the downtown library
  • Driving direction to a Toyota dealership

Make Phone Calls

  • Place a call to XXX
  • Call Yellow Cab Company
  • Call XXX's mobile
  • Call XXX's work
  • Call the Drake Hotel
  • & More

Play Music & Movies

  • Watch The Life of Pi
  • I want to listen to Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris
  • Play me songs from Wrecking Ball
  • Play some Paloma Faith

If the sound or movie doesn't exist on your phone it search it on internet!

Schedule Meetings

  • I'd like to schedule a meeting tomorrow morning wih XXX
  • Schedule an appointment to see the doctor on Tuesday at noon
  • I'd like to schedule a meeting tomorrow with Dad
  • I'd like to schedule a meeting tomorrow at 8 in the morning with Carine

Set Alarms

  • Set an alarm 3 hours from now
  • Set alarm for 6 this evening
  • Wake me up at 6:30am
  • Wake me up in 10 minutes

Send Messages

  • Send SMS to Renaud where are you
  • Email Carine subject I'm coming to town soon
  • Text Dad
  • Send a text to Tania saying I'll see you in 30 minutes
  • Email Flow subject I'am coming soon

Set Reminders

  • Remind me to take out the trash when I get home
  • Remember to water the plants in 4 hours
  • Remind me to go out the dog in 15 minutes
  • Note to sell, eat more apples
  • Remind me to buy fish food this Sunday
  • Remember to go for a run at 7am

Try More Voice Actions

  • Open Calendar app
  • Launch Camera
  • Post to Google+ I'm felling lucky today
  • Show me pictures of Katie Perry
  • Open Google Org
  • What's this song
If you only play music, Google Voice search automatically what music it is! No need to say: "what's this song"

And you, Have you tried it?
Let me know if it works on your country & what sentences you discovered!



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