November 16, 2013

UAG Case - HTC One, Galaxy S4, iphone 5...

UAG is the Urban Armor Gear for HTC One, Galaxy S4, iPhone 5, 5s, iPad Mini, Note 3...

This cover protects your phone from everything! Let's discover it on this test.

This case, constructed with TPU is designed to fit exactly to your device. The protection is the best. The look is also there with screws which made it beautiful!
Existing in different colors, as white, black, but also orange and blue! You get a grip which help you to maintain it on a table or on your hand!

Discover the video for all features!

iPhone 5s
Galaxy Note 3
Galaxy S4
All List cover & All colors

The box is just a normal box with all information to give you the best sensation before buying it.

On the box we discover the cover, but also a screen protector and a cleaner for the screen. A plastic card is also there to help you to remove buble from the screen when you want to paste the screen protection.
The size is just perfect, and this is a HD Screen Protector

Cut outs are made exactly for the phone you. You have access to 
  • the power button
  • jack 3.5mm
  • volume buttons
  • usb port
  • micro
  • leds
  • cameras
  • sensors
  • speakers
  • IR if you get it! (HTC One for example)
  • ...

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