November 29, 2013

HTC One - New model Gold version

We get it on Silver, then we discover it on Black!

Later HTC released it on red and blue especially for us!

With this phone HTC get awards:

  • Smartphone of the Year
  • Gadget of the Year
  • T3 Design award

That's why we can now order it in... GOLD

We already known the 18-carat version 3000€ (4,400$), but this one is cheapper and available for all!
For +/- 600€ (800$) we can get it.

You can already pre-order it on HTC website with vodafone and phones4u

Specs stay the same! I read on a blog that it could get Sense 5.5 with Android 4.3, but I am not sure at all for that

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