November 22, 2013

Noreve Case - Sand Vintage - for HTC One Mini

Hi everyone,

Today I want to share with you the Noreve cover version Sand Vintage for your HTC One Mini. This version also exists for lot of other devices, so this test could suit you to discover it :D

Discover the test on video

For whom who don't know, Noreve is a French brand, based at St-Tropez and manufacture products which protect your smartphone by cover/cases with an amazing quality.
Each smartphone model get it's own protection declined on different version. On this picture you can discover a list, non exhaustive of those versions:

website available on lot of languages

Now you have to choice and order :)
You receive a splendid red & black box and into this one you discover a red bag containing your awaited cover!

Each phone model receive different edition of cover, leather or not, with different specificities, possibility to take money cards, clips to the belt, get an eye on the screen and more to discover on

Now I would like to show you two different models of cases, the darkerSand Vintage here for HTC One Minibut also available on other devices, and the lighterSteel Vintage here for iPhone 5 . By this way you can see the quality and the accuracy of both models.
Discover also other models: TraditionTradition D & more

The cover is superb when you touch it, the cover is extremely soft/sweet we could compare it to the peach skin.
Into the case there is the acronym of the brand Noreve overprinted.

You can click on the pictures to get a bigger size and get more details.
Then I stage the iPhone 5 inserted into the case to show you how beautiful it become!

We can constat than the case is realised with an tiny accuracy which allows a simple, fast and pratical access to all features of the phone, power button, jack plug, USB and volume buttons.

The case close perfectly and fit the design of the phone as never seen. You can notice than corners of the phone are completely protected, this is a huge point considering a possible bad fall.

I let you discover more pictures

On this picture you can see the accuracy of the finished sewing realised by Noreve. We also discover the logo set on the top of each case.

Let's go to made your choice, model, kind and colors directly on the website:

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