November 22, 2013

LG G Flex - Auto Regenerating Body - Self Healing

Hi everyone :)

This is rare I don't share HTC news but I liked this one and I think you would love it also.
This is the last LG G Flex coming soon on the market. I discover a video where we can see the body which has a self healing, self regenerating cover.
After 2 minutes the body get's new!

Here is the first video made by LG:

The engine apply a 500 then a 750g pression with a bronze bit. How it works? a film help it to regenerate :)

An other man, Marques Brownlee (I love his videos) tested it on real conditions and with a knife.
LG tested it on 27.4°C which is less conventional.
Sure if you get a hard hit or a deep scratch the result could be different!

The device resist to deformation as you can see on the video, this is a cool advantage and we hope to discover it soon on HTC devices :)

LG G Flex Specs:

Dimensions: 160.5 * 81.6 * 8.7 mm
Screen: 6.0 inches Curved P-OLED capacitive touchscreen 16M Colors
Resolution: 720*1280 +/- 245ppi
Memory: 32GB + 2GB RAM
Camera: 13MP, video recorder 1280p
OS: Android 4.2.2
CPU: Quad Core 2.26GHz Krait 400

So LG get new technology on this big phone, but for me it is not enough to become my next phone, the resolution is not sufficient, the OS is now old when we know that HTC One & Galaxy S4 comes with Android 4.4 KitKat.

Would you love this device?



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