October 04, 2013

KiDiGi - HTC One Car mount

Hi everyone,

Like me you have an amazing HTC One & an amaring car!? okay, just a car in fact!?
You want to use both together to be proud of your car & phone :D
Don't search anymore, I get the product you were waiting for!

The KIDIGI HTC One car holder!

Discover the KIDIGI car horder for HTC One

On the Box is the KiDiGi which made you happy :D

The box details for people who want :p

The car mount is a 2-part object, which permit to fix an other mount on the sucker. It's cool.
The sucker is so powerful I like this one :D

With this product you can connect your phone to the car and charge it, the cable is delivered on the box.
When you connect the phone to the KiDiGi the HTC Car app runs automatically.
The camera is still available & you can take pictures on car or videos, don't abuse of it ;)
You can turn it as you want thanks to the rotate part and the pivotal axis.

Don't hesitate to ask for more pictures or for questions.



What do you think? :