September 30, 2013

En - Desire 500 Specs

Hi everyone,

Let's go to discover the HTC Desire 500 with all specs :)

This phone exist in different colors:

White & Blue
White & Red
Full Black

Size : 131,8 x 66,9 x 9,9 mm
Screen : TFT 4,3 inches, WVGA
Weight : 123 g
Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 200, quadCore 1.2GHz
SD card slot
Camera : 8MP camera + 1.6 front camera
Audio : Beats Audio
Battery : 1800mAh Battery
Software : Android 4.1 & + Sense 5.0
Zoe Highlights

This phone is so cool for it's price :) I have tested it for a week and I love it, maybe it will be my next gf's phone :DBetween the HTC One & the HTC Desire HD and for the same price than the Desire HD, this Desire 500 could replace your old phone soon :)

I hope :)

If you have any questions, just ask me :)

There are other articles about the Desire 500, just read it :)

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Fast introduction with Pics:

The HTC Desire 500 is beautiful with it's blue band which made all the phone outside part. The power button and the jack are identically located as on the HTC One. Volume buttons (see picture bellow) are well integrated)

The 4.3 inches' screen is an intense blach one which seduce.

Compared to the HTC One, the size is smaller. The phone get a plastic body which is not desagrable on touch. You can see on picture bottom right the difference on flash dissipation.

On the phone, we get HTC Desire HD advantages. The SD Card slot, and the removable battery.
You can also use a Dual Sim :)

The camera is located on top & centered as we hoped.


Phone is delivered with a headset.



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