September 03, 2013

Bluetooth - Jabra EasyGo Headset - The Test

Hi everyone,

Today I am proud to show you the EasyGo from Jabra which is a bluetooth headset for all devices, HTC, Samsung, iPhone, computers...

The headset is small and cool. You discover 2 leds, one for the bluetooth and the other one for the battery indicator. First time you turn on the headset, the bluetooth wait for pairing.
Then to change the device connected or connect a second device you have to press the up button.
There are 4 buttons, 2 for volums, one to turn on/off the headset and the last one to answer a call, change device connection or pairing.

There you see the batterie indication which is red or green if the battery is full or empty.

The blue indicator is for the bluetooth to connect to the device.
You can use 2 devices simulteanously, so it's perfect if you have a phone & a computer with skype for example.

The headset is deliver with a cable to reload it, I had prefer a usb cable... but this is a micro USB so you can load it with yous smartphone cable.
Also you get remplacement accesories.

Compared to the other bluetooth I tested, the Samsung Headset, this one is longer but smaller.

Enjoy !


What do you think? :