August 21, 2013

Wiko Sublim - Test & Presentation!

Hi everyone,

Today is the day to discover the Wiko Sublim! The new brand coming! This device, we must admit is destinate to women, or fanciful people.
You maybe know Swarovski, or you already heard something about him. Otherwise, he is a giant on jewel world. What is the relation with Wiko?! Just a preposterous idea that was to set a smartphone with a Swarovski jewel, the Zirconia.

This piece of jewelry is also a button that lights. The madness has been pushed at the point that the user interface is completely changed with a jewel theme, wallpaper, sounds, icons... When you unlock the phone, a diamond sound rings.



The box and inside

The box is not cardboard, touch is cool because of a special coating. It should be a cloth for glasses extra-sweet. Words written on the box get a magnific blue green brighting.

Front face get those inscriptions:

Into the box there is the phone and other accessories:

-        Earphones
-        Charger + USB Cable
-        The batterie
-        A user manual

The battery insertion is easy. You have to remove the back part, use your fingernails. It's correctly fixed to not been removed by itself.
I recommand to load completely the phone before the 1st use and empty the battery several times to optimise it.

The Phone: Wiko Sublim

Specifications :
Screen : 4 inches LCD WVGA
OS : Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean
Connections : WCDMA 900/2100 – GSM 850/900/1800/1900 – HSDPA / HSUPA / EDGE / GPRS
Processor : 1GHz DualCore Cortex A9
RAM : 512 Mb
ROM : 4GB extensible with SD card
Camera : 5MP, flash LED, video 1080p HD, front camera VGA
SIM card : Standard (not micro) Dual SIM (possibility to use 2 SIM card at the same time)
GPS / A-GPS / WiFi
Battery : 1600mAh Li-ion

Aspect & design


The hull is plastic and sometime sweep from the hand, but this is a cheap phone and this is correct. On the left part there is the volume buttons, ideally located for right-hand person. On the top this is for tha jack 3.5, the power button and the micro-USB.
Right part is free from buttons.

On front face there is the up part of the screen with: the speaker, yes, this is still a phone ;) a camera for front face, a proximity and brightness sensors.
Under the screen, 3 buttons. The Swarovski which is a home button, the right one for back button and the left one for the menu.

A silver band surround the phone to give it a precious worth. I don't remind if I already say that, but the Zirconia is lighting when the screen is on. The brightness is variable and can also be turned off.

User Interface

This user interface is completely developed for girls. Wallpapers are pretty, and you can use a gallery image or a picture obviously.

Icons have been designed differently thant the original Android Jelly Bean.
Only the clock widget and some others are also designed for the Sublim, other widgets are nartive.

Menu, notification status bar on the top of the screen and working apps are still the same as the original android. But all other stuffs have been changed! (I think)

The DialPad is changed, on font and design. Contact icons are a diamond when this is not a picture. The keyboard has a prediction and a word correction. This is cool!

I like

Complete different User Interface
Fast and stable
The Price! -200€
Sometimes useless, but the Dual SIM is cool

I expected

A better screen

Send me your questions :D

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What do you think? :