July 17, 2013

Invisible case: Spigen SGP Ultra Thin Air Case - Clear

Hello :D

Today is time to disappear! No, not me :) but your case :p
Yeah they did it! a cool case completely invisible.

I tested it on my HTC One and there is the result.

Discover the Ultra thin Air case and order it right now.

Do you see something on this HTC One?
Are you sure?
Look at closer. YEAH there is a case! but we don't see it :)
So cool this transparent case perfectly designed for the jack, the camera, volume buttons and the camera.
I love it because you can insert picture under the case to custom your phone :)

The back of the phone is still there. The grip is not as good as the case-mate tough but the sense is great.

I love this case :)



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