June 12, 2013

iOS 7 vs Android - What is reality?

Hello everyone,

I needed to do this article because I want ask something to Apple designers!

So let's go!
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I watch a video about SIGNIFICANT new things on the iOS :D so cool, but please is that really new?
Okay This is a small list, but why is that significant change, isn't that copying?


From left to right:
- Sense 5
- Android native
- iOS 7
- Sense 4 (1 year old!)

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Fast Settings - Control

Left to right:
- Sense 5 with Power Toggles (completely customizable)
- iOS7
- Sense 5 with widgets
- Other widgets do that with android! sure

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Safari Concept (WAOUUU)

Left: Safari , Right: CHROME
I haven't been able to take a shoot from my android but the design is EXACTLY the same!
PS: Chrome show how many labels are open, oups Apple forget to copy that!

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Gallery with location

iOS7 vs Sense 5

Also Sense 4 did that, and Android ;) what is new? moreover, Sense 5 + Zoe get a live gallery with moving pictures... PLEASE!


Sense 4 - iOS 7 - Sense 5

What is new? ^^

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Okay maybe that:

So significant!!!

So please, what have you done last months if you not release a new device?

I though that Apple was better than it for changes. A page is burnt and now is a new king ;)

For significant changes, change for Android!


Flow Wolf

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