May 17, 2013

USB OTG - How to connect a mouse, a keyboard, external storage, joypad... on your Android Smartphone?

A short cable but so Amazing :D

This is On The Go! Already available on lot of Smartphones (SGS4 HTC One...) and the HTC Desire HD thanks to dev with SVHD :p

What can we do with On The Go technology and a small cable??

Order it on MobileFun

This technology let your phone to be connected with USB things as:
- USB key to improve your storage
- Mouse
- Keyboard
- External Storage
- Joypad...

Discover Google Articles :)

Here I connect a 32 Go USB Key to improve my HTC One storage capacity :)

To disconnect it take care and go on: Storage / Disconnect the USB key

You can also connect a mouse and this is the best one :D



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