May 31, 2013

Noreve Leather Case - Tradition D tested on HTC One

Yeah! This is an amazing leather case :D

Noreve design leather cases for our jewels :) I have tested the Tradition D for our HTC One. Every cases existed on different finitions and different colors!

The box you receive is perfect :) as the over I received, black & red and so surprising. Open it :)

The Ivory case on Ambition finish with Tradition D is now my daily Case :)

Perfect color as creme :)

On right part you get the volume key, and on the left the sim card.

Click on the pictures to see how accurate the finish are!

It only miss a hole to use the USB cable with closed case.

The little point permits the micro to catch the sound from outside.

On backside you can use it to put in your card

Flow Wolf

What do you think? :