May 22, 2013

HTC One - Top 10 Tips & Tricks

Hello hellooo

So you are looking for tips & tricks for your HTC One :p
You are right and you find everything there :)

Everything is on the video.
You can refer to the video with the time next to the chapiters!

How to
00:30 Unlock Screen

Slide from the weather, the locker, or an app to unlock the screen, also slide down the notification bar from the lockscreen

00:35 Launch quickly an app

Select an app from the dock bar & slide it to the center of the screen, when you are on the lockscreen

00:50 Create a folder

Move an app over an other one ;)

00:45 Modify the dock bar

Switch an app to an other on from the application menu

01:30 Set as home screen

Long press on home, then select one of the panel at the top long press it and slide it to: Set as home

01:55 Go to recent app

Double tap on the home button (right button of the device)

02:28 Open google now

Long press on home button

02:20 Kill an app

long press on return button, this one: <

02:50 Back to the top of BlinkFeed / applications

Press the notification bar :p

03:20 Camera
03:25 Change camera from front to back

Slide the border of the screen to the center when camera is launched

03:35 Use Zoe

Press the camera button, become blue and Enjoy :)

04:10 Augmented the continuous shooting number

Go to the three dot button on camera and go to: continuous shooting, then uncheck limited to 20

05:20 Save a picture / image from a video

Launch a video and press the picture button to capture an image from the video

05:30 Remove vibrate
05:45 Hide power saver notification
06:16 Say an SMS
07:15 Ask questions



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