May 21, 2013

10 reasons How the HTC One could be the Ultimate Phone!

Hello dude!

So you also get an HTC One, or you would like to buy it, or you are an HTC team member and you would like to know what the HTC One need to be THE phone of all? Here are the reasons! :)

1: Wallpaper scrolling

Why now there is no more wallpaper scrolling? Who dislike that? We love to scroll our girlfriend, or familly picture on our homescreen!
What will we do know?

2: Change widget size

Some widgets as calendar are not able to be resized. It could be amazing and so easy. Agenda is, but not calendar. Why?

3: Home grid size 4*5 & 5*5 available

4*4 grid... 4*4 grid... Are you serious? My Desire HD get 4*4 Grid, my little brother Explorer get a 4*4 grid... I have a 4.7 INCHES screen!
Please improve it! You do it for the application list! You can do it, we use Apex, Nova, GoLauncher... they all offer a resizable grid!

4: Power Button

Sorry, this is not useful :/  On the One X, on the top right it was okay, but your man was a left-hand when he tested it. There is more right-hand than left-hand, even if left are better ;)

5: Available to turn on screen when we get a notification

Yeah please that! We get a notification and we are not able to see it... On display & gesture menu, add:

Turn on screen for notification: + checkable options:
Email, Sms, Google notifications, Event...

6: Slide to unlock

A dev do it with a Kernel. It could be native!

7: HTC logo is a menu button

The same dev do it: xda thread video

8: Icon on folder

Okay, that is annoying! I tried to put an icon from the 2nd page of my app list to the last folder of my first page... 3 minutes the folder icon just move around every time!

9: Icon on dock bar also on app list

An icon on the dock is hidden on the app list??? WHY?
I can't let my phone to someone, or forget I put youtube on a folder on the dock bar. That was perfect on One X & One S!

10: BlinkFeed with more settings

Yeah BlinkFeed is cool, for some people. On News & weather we are able to ADD OUR OWN TOPICS, why on BlinkFeed we just select from a list?
Is it possible to get our own topics?

If you modify 9 over 10 of my points the One will be THE ONE :D

Love HTC,

Peace & Respect!



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