February 23, 2013

OtterBox - Phone case - Review - Test - on my HTC One X

Hi everyone,

Today I test for you this OtterBox on my HTC One X.

OtterBox manufacture cases for our smartphones. Those cases get 3 layers to protect your phone.
If you need a case to protect your phone for riding, biking, skying or more it's the case you are waiting for :)

- OtterBox for your smartphone
- Discover the complete cases list of the famous HTC One X

Let's go for the test!!!

At the end of the article there is a video review!

I - Introduction

This box is just so huge! your phone lost its thinness.
This is not the same as the Incipio :) not the same functions
Now it's a complete block but this block is unbreakable!

It's cool to hand your phone with this box because there is a silicone part :)

Now the screen seems just so small :/
But your phone is protected :D

II - Felling

The box is composed by 3 different layers.
The first one is the front one with a screen protection. You can continue
to use your screen easily as on the video!

The second part is the back to protect the phone body.
The last one is a silicone 3rd part to position on the back side.
Now your phone is completely protected & usable!

As you can see on the 2 pictures above, all is usable:
Speakers, mics, Camera (Front & Back), Flash, Sensor, power & volume buttons,
micro usb plug & jack 3.5.

There is also an other part to clips the device on your belt!

The box is cool, Yellow color to remind the OtterBox.

III - Video


What do you think? :