February 09, 2013

Earphones - Plantronics BackBeat 216 - Apple devices

Hi everyone,

I get an error :p I ordered earphones for Apple devices, but I can show you how it works! It is just cool for you or your friends!
They are cool and that's the most important thing ;)

I use it for my HTC devices but some functions are not available, only for Apple devices!

Here is my plantronics BackBeat 216 test:

- Stereo Earphones Plantronics BackBeat 216 with mic
- Discover the Hand free kits for your HTC One X or the Headsets for HTC One X

My video is linked here:

I - Earphones

Bronze headdress give to the earphone a pretty appearance!
You can see on the next picture that the left & right earphones are different.
It permits to adapt it to your ears!
It's delivered with 3 transparent sizes of caches to choose your ear size.

The cable is not plastic cable. This is a wire braid.
The sensation is cute along the 1.20 meters

We also get a remote with a mic on this cable.
Commands & Functions are described below!

II - Functions

The little remote get 3 buttons with a mic.
We have the volume + et volume - buttons

And, with it the central button.
1 press allow to call, answer or hang up.
If the music is played, 1 press pause of play the song.

2 pressures go to the next track.
3 pressures back to the previous song!

So functional!

III - My personal point of view

Plantronics Backbeat 216 earphones get an impressive audio quality!
They just are completely working with apple devices and this is sad. I continue to use it with my HTC One X, but I am sad to don't be able to use the switch music fonctions :/

I recommend it for iDevice users!

IV - More pictures



What do you think? :