February 23, 2013

X Power - X Dream - Speaker & Battery for Smartphone

Hey dude :p

What's this thing there? X Power? X Dream? :/ But Flow are you fine? Is there something wrong!

What's this curious object?

Woooooow Stop :p

Yeah I am fine thanks! that's not my fault if the manufacturer use this name for a speaker :/ I have been surprise but this is a speaker! SO please do not insinuate anything!

- Discover the special X-Power 3 in 1

Let's go for the test :D

I - Introduction

The X-Power get a jack output to connect your phone.
Once you connect it, the X-Power turn on (few seconds)
There isn't any button to turn on or off!
There is 4 leds: 1 blue to show that the speaker is on.
3 white to get the Battery life.

The X-Power allows to support your phone to watch a video for example.

There is two speakers! one at each extremity. You get a Stereo sound!

One of the sides get a USB to load the speaker or to connect your phone.

Once the phone is connected you see the white leds changing to show that the phone is loading.

II - Quality

The speaker is amazing. Aluminium is so cool and finish is perfect.
For me the sound is not enough good :/ But it's cool and listenable :)

The Good point is too load the phone battery & get a speaker too :)

III - Video


What do you think? :