February 23, 2013

Veho 360 - Bluetooth Speaker - SD Card - Jack

Hi everyone,

Welcome to this mini speaker test of the Veho 360. This is a Bluetooth speaker working for Smartphones, Computer & other Bluetooth Devices!

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I have chosen to show you this product because it seems good and the price as been sold out! 30 € now vs 70 € few weeks ago :)

This portable speaker is usable for all multimedia devices with a jack 3.5mm output, or a Bluetooth device! And also with micro SD cards!

Smartphones, tablets (HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, iPhone..), laptop, mp3 / mp4 player (Archos, iTouch, iPod, iPad…) and more.
At full power, the prolonged listening of the player can damage the ear of the user

I – Quality

The protection box is just impressive. And the speaker is so small with 2 speakers inside to get a 
360° sound! What the Fuck? :D

The quality is on your hands!
The blue color by lights is just perfect! there is 5 buttons to control the speaker!

Up and down to control the volume

Right & left to switch the track

Power button turn on/off the speaker, but also Play/Pause the track :D

Above: there is a led to show when you are connected to a Bluetooth device!

Below: You discover there 2 speakers, one at the front and the second at the back side!

The speaker is delivered with a cable to load it and one to connect with a Jack cable.

The battery life is about:
BT: 2 hours
SD Card: 4 hours
Link line: 5 hours

II - Different ways to use it

As you can see on picture, there is an input to load the speaker.
There is also a SD Card reader
And a Jack 3.5 Input
The Led for Bluetooth connection

At the bottom there is a switcher to choose if you want to use a BT, or SD Card / Jack function.

With SD Card, the speaker detect automatically the tracks on the card. So Amazing

IV - Video


What do you think? :