January 08, 2013

Universal Car Mount - iPhone Samsung HTC Nokia - MobileFun

Hi everyone,

I have been away for 2-3 weeks because I needed to be quiet :) And I am now back :p after all my parties :p
I have tested different accessories thanks to MobileFun! One of them was this amazing SuperGrip car mount!

It's just amazing! Some of you maybe say it's to big, but this is the only one that I have tested been able to fix on the windshield and the dashboard on all different positions with the phone accessible and readable!

Wooow! It Rocks!

the SuperGrip universal car mount

Discover the car holder for your smartphones

- All the HTC One X accessories

This is my review:

I - Introduction

Once it's unboxed, we get a perfect plastic DashCrab!
The crab is red and very beautiful!
It can hold what ever phone or device easily!

Unlikely some cases can't be used with it :/
But others yes ;) as Noreve

The sucker is amazing! It's coaled by glue and I approved it!
The glue by itself is enough to keep the car holder in place!
Watch the video if you don't believe me!

II - Dans la voiture

On the dashboard or on the windshield, the phone is perfectly hold!
I love it on the windshield it seems to fly!

The phone stay at its place!

Just amazing!

III - Avis perso

I have been bluffed by that! It's only 20.5 $ - 19€ and it's perfect thanks to mobilefun!

A perfect accessory! I love the strong of the sucker + glue, it give a perfect secure feeling!


What do you think? :