January 31, 2013

HTC One X - Noreve Tradition review - test


This French company made noise around it. With these so splendid leather cases. You can find for all phones the cover you need in different selections, with different coating, different textures and colors so varied.

Today I review for you the Tradition leather case Ambition selection. Compared it to the Tradition D

I have tested it for you, and I have record a review to show you the leather case on my hands.

First impression:

This leather case on ambition selection is just so cool :p the touch is perfect and the color is melting!
There is lot of colors available:
 Anthracite, Tomate, Lie de vin (mine), Ivory & more!

When you install your phone into the case you are sure that your device is secured. Nothing can happen, the case is stiff.

Noreve link: Tradition leather case
Noreve link: Tradition D leather case - My article

1 - Unboxing

The box is so amazing, so peasant on the touch.
This is a black and red bound box.

WTF? There is a cover for the leather case? Waouw :)
And this red cover is cord closed

2 - Leather Case with the phone

This leather case is sober, everything is raspberries color with the noreve logo upper right.
The leather is more pleasant with the ambition selection than with the perpetual. Openings for microphones, speakers, usb, volume and power keys are very well integrated, as the camera and its flash.

Details are so exact! Wonderful!!!

You also get a clips to wear it on your personal belt!

Noreve is signed you can't miss it!

3 - Tradition vs Tradition D

With the tradition D you can add credit card, but the speaker is blocked by the case.

Finishes are quietly the same, but the coating is different!
Preference for the Ambition :p

4 - Video Test


What do you think? :