January 10, 2013

Capdase Capparel Case - HTC Sensation / Sensation XE - Black / Red

Hi everyone,

After some of asks from ou I have tested an HTC Sensation/XE accessory. This is this case black & red!

I - Appearance

This is a beautiful red & black leather case. Its color contrast is pretty cool.
The blood red is very strong and covers the complete interior. The black is hard!

The finish is just perfect!

II - Utilisation

We can regret the aperture not every time perfectly centered.
The leather must be loosen when you receive it, because the case can't close by itself 1st time.

 The thickness for me is too big. The volume is so huge with it but the phone is secured!

III - My opinion

This case is pretty, but it could be better just by improving 2-3 different things.

BUT my friend said that he loves it and he is so happy :)


What do you think? :