January 31, 2013

AR Drone 2.0 - Unboxing - Full review + links

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Hi everyone :D

As you maybe know I have soon received my new toy ;p

YEAAAAAAAAh!!! Ordered on RueDuCommerce, a French web shop, this amazing AR Drone 2.0 from Parrot! A jewel!

You can with this article discover the reception and the complete box review because there is lot of things to say. There is also a Like/Dislike part.

Then to give you a view about that, a video with my first flights, indoor & outdoor, no sound, no comment, only the drone ;) New articles are coming, or already released on my test channel, 1app4me. You could find application review (AR FreeFlight 2.0). There is also a complete article about the piloting explanation. Soon my other flights reviews are coming, with front camera recording or with my hand-camera. A surprise could also come soon with some modification on the body ;)

Waiting for that, don't hesitate to comment! Let's GO!

I – Reception
II – The box
III – Unboxing
IV – AR Drone 2.0
V – Available applications
VI – I have Liked/Disliked
VII – Links & more

I – Reception

Ordered on RueDuCommerce, a French website, it costs 290€ with the indoor hull. This is a perfect investment and a perfect gadget!  You are now able to record lot of things you haven't ever seen before, so this is an investment. This is also a gadget, because it is still a toy!
If you click on the left banner you get 10€ reduced from my sponsorship.

I have so received this box from colissimo, a postal service, on a few day delay because of the snow ^^

But I received it and that's the important thing.

I have been surprised about the packing, a simple black plastic film to protect the box :/ Just to not show what it is.

As surprising as it is, the box is intact so that's cool :)

Take care for the reception, ask a PR by post service because this is a 55*55*20cm box and this is huge. You are not invisible with that and if you drive a scooter this is a huge periled travel.

Now I am able to unbox this amazing technology toy!

II – The box

The carton box is simple, and that's perfect because I dislike the fantasist boxes with lot of things just to open it and never use it again. (Remind Noreve or your HTC box)

Over the box you discover the flying Drone picture with logos for the Android & iOS compatibility and the possibility to share immediately the videos on your YouTube channel.

Big impress with the 720p HD front camera and the new (compared to the Drone v1) piloting system with absolute control (go to the Piloting Ar Drone 2.0 article)

The drone isn't advised to -14yo people, we also get the QR code for AR FreeFlight app and warnings.

One part is reserved for the available application on iOS system with augmented reality & multiplayer games, the big love … or not… I have said iOS… yes yes yes… I haven't forgotten anything… WHEN are Android games coming???? :s

At the bottom of the box we get a complete descriptive review about AR Drone 2.0 composants.

III – Unboxing

Into the box we found the strict minimum components, and this is perfect!
There is the AR Drone 2.0 sure, but also the Li-ion 1000mAH battery, charger for the drone & the quick start guide, stickers and indoor & outdoor hulls.

Notice that:
The full user guide is a pdf downloadable there: http://ardrone2.parrot.com/support/
 The AR Drone 1 battery and the AR Drone 2.0 are compatible, but you must load the AR Drone 1's battery with the AR Drone 1 charger & load the AR Drone 2.0's battery with the AR Drone 2.0 charger
We can found 1500 & 2000 mAH battery on the web, but it has been unadvised to me to take a 2000, 46g heavier than the 1000 or 1500. And this could damage the engine.
Charger is delivered with 4 plugs to be able to adapt it wherever you are around the world!

IV – AR Drone 2.0

The AR Drone 2.0 is complete concentrated of technology.

When I unbox it, we can admire the quality and lightness. The hull is produced in polypropylene ensuring the more lightness still protecting propellers from shocks! (Indoor there will have!)

To win some weight and for strength, some parts are from carbon fibbers. The heart of the drone is mounted over an amortisement system so performing. There is at the front a camera which record on 720p, if a new version is released, an AR Drone 3.0, there will be a 1080p camera knowing the GoPro technology ;)
There is also a camera below, not as performant as the other but it's needed for the stabilisation control, and stability is there!

InDoor nothing to say, watch my video, outdoor is the same, so stable even at 5 floors high despite sloshing.
There is also 2 ultra-sound sensors, grey circle below the drone, it permits to stabilize it. 4 propellers mounted on rotors get the maximum stability. Below the foot for the landing there is a LED (2, one red and one green). Those LED show if the drone is connected, if the emergency mode is activated, if there is still battery, and know where the front and the back side are!

Take care about cameras which are needed to stabilize the drone and to control it. You can test it, but by night it's difficult to control it without any light outsources, Tested!

V – Available applications

AR FreeFlight 2.0
Download it - Review it
Download it

VI – I have Liked/Disliked:


  • Strength
The drone already meet a tree, during the night flight, I haven't been able to control it. The emergency mode was activated. The drone stopped its flight at 3m high, I have climbed to fall the drone down. The tree is dead and I could fall down too when I climned.
So the drone made a 3m high jump... (With indoor hull) There are some hits on the propellers but no any was broken. The drone also meets a wall with the indoor hull, indoor.

  • Charging time
With a 10-12 minutes allowed flight time, the charging time is about 1h, I haven't timed it, but I can fly 3 times each evening. So this is cool.

  • Reparation
Propellers, rotors, PCB, hull, disassembly kit, with all those things you can change each part of your drone by yourself. All parts are available on lot of websites!

  • Stabilisation
Nothing to say about that, the drone is so stable and respond perfectly. Moreover it's so light!

  • Camera quality
With this 720p, we get a perfect video quality, really. A little tip, with HTC Sense 4 & + you can save pictures from the videos and that's so amazing! Here are some pictures taken from videos with the front camera recording!

  • Recording
You can record with the USB plug on a USB key, review is coming, but you can also record on your phone with the Wi-Fi.


  • Games
I am so disappointed about that! 1Year after the release, there is still no any games on Android OS! And it stays Apple exclusivity… So sad!!!!

I don't want to buy an iPad to play! Seriously!
Above all when we know the magnitude of Android market place today!

That's why I want you sign this petition to say to Parrot that we also want games on Android!

  •  Night flight
I am kidding, I have said that because I have nothing else to say. The drone needs a vision to fly, if not we get an alert message: Vision Alert which show that we need more visility.

  • Other things:
Micro. Yes there is no micro to record the sound, but the motors are noisily so maybe we can't heard something else ;)

VII – Links & more

You can watch all my videos on my YouTube channel: 1app4me
Moreover all my articles on my blog: 1app4me
I don't want to pollute my channel so that's why I have created this one.

To order the drone you can use this link: RueDuCommerce (-10€ from this link)

If you don't have 300€ to spend or you are waiting for it, just train yourself with this flight simulator:


What do you think? :