December 17, 2012

[WWC01][EN+FR] Flow Wolf - The 1st WorldWide Contest game - ENDED

Have you seen the like button there =====>>>

Hi everyone and welcome to my first contest game!!

I am so proud to be that! I am so grateful to people following me, that's why I am organizing this special contest!!

First of all I want to thanks my partner:

There was 2 winners for this contest, presents were :

December 10, 2012

Incipio Feather - Ultra thin case - HTC One X - Mobile 24

Hi everyone!

This is my review about the Incipio Feather thin case ordered on MyTrendyPhone last week!

At the end of this review there is the complete video test :)

1 - Introduction

Incipio Feather - Coque ultra fine - HTC One X - Mobile24

Bonjour à tous,

Voici la présentation de la coque Incipio Feather thin case reçu cette semaine par Mobile24.

- Lien pour les Coques du HTC One X

Plus bas vous trouverez la vidéo test de cette superbe coque!

1 - Présentation

HOX - Desktop Cradle - MobileFun

Hi everyone,

Here is the HTC One X desktop cradle which is or was on my contest until the 17th December on my blog ;) Look on the WorldWide Contest article on my 1st page ;)

Partner with Mobile Fun you get the opportunity to win it and that whatever where you are, this is a WORLDWIDE CONTEST :D

Let's go to test!!!

HOX - Support Bureau - MobileFun

Bonjour à tous,

Voici le support bureau pour HTC One X qui est ou était en jeu jusqu'au 17 décembre sur mon blog.

En partenariat avec Mobile Fun vous avez la possibilité de le remporter et ce, peu importe votre localisation dans le monde!

- Support Bureau pour HTC One X

C'est parti pour le test!!!

December 09, 2012

Support Bureau Deluxe - HTC Desire HD - Inpire 4G

Bonjour à tous!

Comme vous le savez peut-être j'organise un concours mondial jusqu'au 17 décembre dans lequel vous pouvez remporter ce support bureau Deluxe de marque KIDIGI pour HTC Desire HD.

Quoi vous ne savez pas que j'organise un concours avec la participation de MobileFun?

Seulement besoin d'une adresse postale (pour le gagnant)

Alors venez voir cet article:

Flow Wolf - 1st WorldWide Contest

0 - Présentation
1 - Musique
2 - Connection PC
3 - Chargement & Batterie supplémentaire
4 - Vidéo (Fr)

Deluxe Desktop Cradle - HTC Desire HD - Inpire 4G

Hi everyone :)

As you already know, I organise a WorldWide Contest until the 17th december. With this contest you are able to win the KIDIGI Deluxe Desktop Cradle for your HTC Desire HD.

WHAT? You haven't heard about this contest thanks to MobileFun?

You just need a postal adress (for the winner) to win, what ever you live!

Let's go!

Flow Wolf - 1st WorldWide Contest

- Deluxe Desktop Cradle for HTC Desire HD

0 - Introduction
1 - Music
2 - PC Connection
3 - Load & Battery
4 - Video (En)

Android 4.2 Camera vs Sense 4+ Camera - Tested on HTC One X

Hi everyone,

I have tested the 2 different software on the same device hardware because for me it's important to compare software to use the same hardware!
And the hardware for this test was the HTC One X!

So I will not comment all pictures, but just look at that, and watch the video at the end of this article!

Enjoy and lets your comment about your opinion and which one you prefer!

1 - Pictures VS
2 - Panorama VS
3 - Sphere
4 - Video

December 03, 2012

[12-09] WWC 01 - Win more tickets subject :)

New Rules & Events :)

On this special article you can follow my videos and mini event to win more tickets for the final draw on 17th December :)