August 31, 2012

How To Unlock the bootloader - HTC Devices


Today I want to explain you how to unlock the bootloader.

You need that to be able to continue other How To, S-Off, Install recovery, Root your Sensation.
All those how to are needed to do one time before flashing a custom rom!

You can also follow the video:

I - Requierements

August 24, 2012

One S - ViperOneS - Venom Team Awesome Rom - Hub & Tweaks


Today the Venom Team releases a new custom rom. This one is already available for the HTC One X, I want to thanks all the team for the great work they have done and they continue to do every day!

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This custom rom is amazing, because we found a Venom Tweaks with more tweaks than ever seen into a custom rom, but also because it is deliver with Venom Hub. This is an application to access news, icon packs, theme, logos, backgrounds, fonts...

I have been so surprise by this rom and I want to show you with lot of screens the entire Venom Tweaks.

Also we can found Google Now on this rom. If we go to software information we have a Sense v4.1 :)

Before continue, I want to thanks again the Venom team for their job.

I - Screenshot

August 15, 2012

DHD - ParanoidAndroid - JB - F.F.S V1/CM10-Unofficial V1


I can't start this article with an other scream :) This custom rom is just amazing! I haven't tested it on One S, maybe I was wrong and must create a new article & video :)

So what can I say about this one? You are using JellyBean with Google Now, you can found the test into the video (end of the article, or my Youtube Channel: click to see the video)

You have a new UI and it is just wonderful. Then you can change lot of things on your notification status bar and other things.

But you can use different mod:
- Phone
- Phablet (Small & Big)
- Tablet (Small & Big)

1 - Screenshot

A - What is uniform?

August 14, 2012

One S - SenseissimO - ICS Based on TrickDroid


I have tested this Senseissimo custom rom. This is a good rom, all icons are modified, and this is cute.
But this is exactly the same than TrickDroid, without a good battery.

I think it is difficult to keep the battery for one day :/ So this is not enough, but this is on the first version, so I think and hope bigpercaso will work on that soon :p

I let you discover the screenshots:

August 09, 2012

One S - ParanoidAndroid Ville ICS 4.0.4 Hybrid


I have tested the ParanoidAndroid custom rom on my HTC One S and it surprised me. It was amazing but there is some sad points. For my point of view, the font is too small, but it's correct. I love the way to use the different part as setting, or gmail, or YouTube, (look the screen bellow).
This rom could be better with a better battery drain, because when you are playing a game you loose too much battery :/

Let's go to the test!

Don't forget the Noreve leather case to protect your device! -> go to the article 

1 - Screenshot

August 03, 2012

One S - Test - Noreve - Leather cases


This French company come from the south of France, Saint-Tropez. It's so amazing.

I love this company, not because the cases, but I have order that 2 days ago and I already have received it. So it's just perfect :)

I have tested it for you, and I have record a video to show you how to install it and how I feel it on my hands.

First impression:

When you take it in your hands, you touch something amazing with high quality! When you touch it you think that the company is very good and

DHD - Virtuous Infinity - First Full Sense 4 & ICS for Desire HD


Virtuous Team is always in life! And they offer us a new custom rom! And wich ROM?

Ice Cream Sandwich with full Sense 4.0 for HTC Desire HD, only Desire HD? No...

The Virtuous Infinity is available on all those devices:
  • Desire HD
  • Desire Z
  • Desire S
  • Incredible 2
  • Incredible S
  • Inspire 4G
  • myTouch 4G Slide