June 27, 2012

Xperia S vs One S & DHD - User Interface & Camera Shoots


I have not enough time to create a complete report about my comparison, but I have to share with you some screenshots about the User Interface and some pictures taken by this two different phones.

I have also recorded a video but I have some issues with encoding :/ I hope to release them asap.

Okay so first part:

User Interface

Left side: One S, right side Xperia S

                                  Display Comparison
What?            One S       Xperia S
Physical Size          4,3 inches      4,3 inches
Resolution          540*960      720*1280
Pixel density           256 ppi        342 ppi
Technology      Super AMOLED           TFT
Touchscreen                       Capacitive, muti touch
Features Light Sensor, Proximity sensor Light Sensor, Proximity sensor, Scratch resistant glass

One S                                           Xperia S

June 23, 2012

HTC One S: Processor S3 or S4?


You have maybe see that, HTC install different processors on HTC One S. If you have bought it few weeks ago it must be a S4 but if you have bought it few days ago it could be a S3.

Just be careful about that because S4 roms can't run on S3 and S3 roms can't run on S4!

You can maybe try to know if you have a S3 or S4 with 2 different apps:

CPU Spy & Quick System info:

But How To know that?

If your processor run 1512 MHz it must be a S4 if it runs 1700MHz it must be a S3!

I can't be held responsible!!!

Links Pictures & Video:

One S VS Xperia S VS DHD: What do you want?


This Tuesday, I will test the Xperia S. So I want to ask you what do you want to know about it? I will compare it with the HTC One S and the HTC Desire HD.

Ask me on comments !!!

June 20, 2012

Subscribe to my Channel ;)


I have started my Channel. But I will start my job in july. It's just to show you the new url.


I have already posted 4 videos for How To section:

- How To Unlock bootloader
- How To Root your HTC One S
- How To Install Recovery
- How To Flash a custom Rom with 2 files

So you can start to subscribe ;)

Thanks :)

June 16, 2012

New Channel & Blog - Explanations


I am Flow, maybe you already know me, maybe not.
First of all, thank you for your contribution, and your coming.

I am french, so there are spelling mistakes on this blog! Just send me an email.
email: flow.wolf.one@gmail.com
Title: Your Blog:Mistake(s)

Thanks ;)

About Me:

I'm just passionate in technologies and I am giving