December 10, 2012

Incipio Feather - Ultra thin case - HTC One X - Mobile 24

Hi everyone!

This is my review about the Incipio Feather thin case ordered on MyTrendyPhone last week!

At the end of this review there is the complete video test :)

1 - Introduction

Grey or White HTC One X your Incipio case sets perfectly our jewel.
The phone is well protected on the back side.
A screen protection is deliver with this case to protect it.

2 - Felling

The case is very good. No any issue.
Faces' angles are less protected than the back side.

The case is thin and inconspicuous.

No any discomfort for the phone usage

Touch is so pleasant, as my old One S :)

The APN stand (0.1mm maybe) on the ground when the phone is let on the table.
But it's so stable.

3 - Video


What do you think? :