December 10, 2012

HOX - Desktop Cradle - MobileFun

Hi everyone,

Here is the HTC One X desktop cradle which is or was on my contest until the 17th December on my blog ;) Look on the WorldWide Contest article on my 1st page ;)

Partner with Mobile Fun you get the opportunity to win it and that whatever where you are, this is a WORLDWIDE CONTEST :D

Let's go to test!!!

1 - Presentation

This HTC One X desktop cradle permit to keep your phone on landscape mode
You can with it read messages, play music staying on your cradle.
You can also navigate & watch videos for example.

A blue led is inserted on the back of the cradle to check the connection.
A micro USB input allow to load the phone if needed.
Otherwise, the black cable connected to your computer let you synchronise your phone
with your PC.

2 - Design 

Cut with an ax, the phone stay at its place on landscape mode.
There is plastic :)

3 - Video


What do you think? :