December 09, 2012

Deluxe Desktop Cradle - HTC Desire HD - Inpire 4G

Hi everyone :)

As you already know, I organise a WorldWide Contest until the 17th december. With this contest you are able to win the KIDIGI Deluxe Desktop Cradle for your HTC Desire HD.

WHAT? You haven't heard about this contest thanks to MobileFun?

You just need a postal adress (for the winner) to win, what ever you live!

Let's go!

Flow Wolf - 1st WorldWide Contest

- Deluxe Desktop Cradle for HTC Desire HD

0 - Introduction
1 - Music
2 - PC Connection
3 - Load & Battery
4 - Video (En)

0 - Introduction

Deluxe Desktop Cradle for HTC Desire HD is delivered with a sector adapter,
a mini & micro usb cable respectively to charge the phone by the cradle & connect it
to the computer in order to synchronize or charge it.

Design is sober & elegant. So magnificent.
A perfect finish.

At the back side there is a location to load a second battery.

3 inputs to charge the phone at 5V, an other to synchronize or load the phone,
A 3.5mm jack to listen to music from speaker or headphones.

1 - Music

The phone doesn't need any external power to listen to music.

It's also available to connect & load at the same time as we can see on the picture.
The blue led over KIDIGI show the phone is loading.

2 - PC Connection

Nothing is as easy as load your phone or connect it to synchronize with your computer
than this amazing KIDIGI cradle!

3 - Load & Battery

You can also inssert a sencond battery. The red led show the battery is loading.
You can also load your phone at the same time once it's inserted on the cradle.

4 - Vidéo (En)


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