November 20, 2012

XMI - Xmini II - Small Size amazing Sound - Capsule Speaker - White or Black + Loud Low Frequencies

Hi everyone,

Welcome to this mini speaker test of the XMI Xmini vII delivered by mobilefun in 2 days.

- Product Link: Mini speaker XMI X-Mini II
- Category link: Smartphones accessories

I have ordered the white colour because I find it very class. I have chosen this speaker because it was already ordered by lot of people before and comments are positive.

This portable speaker is usable for all multimedia devices with a jack 3.5mm output, smartphones, tablets (HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, iPhone..), laptop, mp3 / mp4 player (Archos, iTouch, iPod, iPad…) and more.

What a surprise when I received this wonder thing!

At full power, the prolonged listening of the player can damage the ear of the user

I – Quality

When I unpacked it I discovered a pleasant to the touch plastic, an exemplar finish for the price of this speaker.

Into the box, a miniUSB to jack/USB cable to charge the speaker (11hours battery life) and/or connect the speaker to a device. There is also a sock to protect it.

The speaker is protected by a plastic return on the top, that’s also a good point.

 II – Sound

As you can notice on watching the video (bottom of the page), the sound has a very good quality if audio files also get a good quality, from soundcloud or 320kbps seems perfect.

The speaker can be used on different modes, read part Uses and Advantages. But about the sound the speaker can be used opened or closed.

- Closed, the low are contained, but once open, there is a perfect resonance from the 40mm driver and the lows quality is very good for this mini speaker. One more time, take care about your file quality to prevent the crackling!

An audio wheel is also usable.

III – Uses and Advantages

The XMI Xmini II speaker can be used on different modes.
First is basic, is to use it with the 3.5mm jack under the speaker plugged to the audio device. Notice that we can use the miniUSB to jack to link the speaker to the audio output.

The speaker is retractable, that allow reducing its size when it isn’t used or if we don’t need to use the low frequencies.
This device uses a rechargeable battery. We don’t need to buy batteries every time and the battery life is about 11 hours.

This smart brand invents with this speaker by using it linked to others and others by the jack cable to use more and more speakers connected to the same audio device.


  • Small
  • Simple
  • Easy to use
  • Good sound quality
  • 11hours battery life
  • Rechargeable battery

IV – Video Test

What do you think? :